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Further Resources

Below are a list of sites that I either use frequently on this site, personally use, or otherwise recommend.

Bible Gateway – This is the site I use to grab Bible verses.

Got Questions? – I’ve linked to this site more than any other (besides Bible Gateway). I don’t know who they have behind the posts, but they are very knowledgeable and always have the best answers. I’ve even submitted a couple over the years.

The Ten Minute Bible Hour – This is a YouTube channel and podcast I watch frequently and highly recommend.

Does Goes Exist? – DGE is a free quarterly Christian publication started by John Clayton, a former atheist who became a Christian while trying to find things in the Bible to criticise. They also have a blog, which is regularly updated, and a Facebook page. I found DGE back in 2004 and it had a major part to play in me becoming a Christian.

Ron Wyatt – The official website for the work of the late Ron Wyatt.

Rapture Forums – A great website with more information on the Rapture and End Times than I could ever hope to cover on my site.

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