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Archeobiblical: Introduction

“Archeobiblical” is a word I apparently just made up. Thought it was a preexisting word until I Google’d it. I mean it to mean “Archeological evidence which backs up the Bible”. My browser is putting a red line under “archeological”, because it’s usually spelled “archaeological”, meaning it thinks it’s misspelled, meaning it thinks the “archeo” part of this category is wrong. Well, the word is on, showing it can be spelled both ways. So take that, Firefox!

Anyway, I’ve always been interested in archaeology since I was very little. My family probably still remember the years I spent obsessed with Ancient Egypt, to the point where my mom printed out over fifty pages of newly discovered information about the subject (because at the time I only had very old books). It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that it even occurred to me that you could use the subject to back up the claims in the Bible. I’d always just assumed the stories to be true, and that the individual stories couldn’t be validated. It wasn’t until I heard about Ron Wyatt that my mind was opened to this.

After that, I started researching biblical archaeology, but even then it never occurred to me to write about it on this blog until a few days ago. I watched a documentary on Netflix called Patterns of Evidence: Exodus. It shows that using archaeology, the “experts” (skeptics) could be proven wrong. It’s a very good film, and I highly recommend anyone with even a slight interest in the subject to give it a watch.

After watching it, I started wanting to do a series on here about biblical archaeology. My only problem was coming up with a title. I wanted something unique, instead of “Archaeological Evidence That Back Up The Bible”. First off, that’s too long, and second that’s a boring title. Finally, I was sitting here and thought, “…..Archeobiblical!!”

And the rest is history. Or will be. Or whatever.

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