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Christian Mingle

By now I am sure that everyone is aware of the Christian dating website, Christian Mingle. It’s pretty hard to ignore, considering they advertise everywhere. I would not be surprised if they end up having a massive banner across the Moon someday. But for now, they did the next best thing.

The film is about an attractive girl, Gwyneth, living in a universe where she doesn’t have any luck with dates, and no one even attempts to flirt with her, until she happens across Christian Mingle. She’s not a believer, but figures she can fake it and no one would notice. Of course, this being a feature length advertisement, the next day she goes on a date with the first guy she meets on the site, Paul. He appears to be the first guy in the world to be able to look her in the beautiful eyes and not vomit in disgust. He also happens to be attractive. Because this is an advertisement for a dating website.

Christian Mingle.

The sight of them just makes me sick!

So, they go on a few dates. The whole time, Paul makes it quite obvious that he is a sincere Christian, and he just takes it for granted that she is, because she says she is. After awhile, he invites her to come spend time with his friends for a Bible study. At the study, his friends quickly realize that Gwyneth isn’t who she says she is.

The story carries on for a bit, then it turns out he and his family are about to head to Mexico on a missionary trip tomorrow! The reason he never told her was because he didn’t think they’d still be talking that long. Still, that’s kind of a big thing to mention. “Oh, by the way, I’m going to Mexico soon!”. She leaves her job without telling anyone but her friend and goes to Mexico.

That’s when Paul and his family find out her secret; she’s not really a Christian. They find out because she literally had a copy of Christianity For Dummies on her bed. Paul is upset and breaks up with her. When Gwyneth goes back to America, she decides to become a Christian, which she does over the course of a Rocky-style musical montage.

She goes and tells Paul the good news, but by then he’d moved on. But he wishes her luck in the future. It’s not the ending I would have expected for this movie, but they chose to go the realistic route for this one.

lol Just kidding. This is a feature-length advertisement for a dating site. They part ways, but then it cuts to “Next Christmas” and she’d moved to Mexico (??). Paul shows up out of nowhere and basically says, “Nevermind what I said before, let’s be together”. Roll credits.

Right, so I seem to be picking on this movie alot. That’s because it’s a Rom Com, and I can’t help it. To be honest, it’s a surprisingly decent film, and I’d gladly watch it again. Not only is the film done well, the Christian message is clear and accurate. They could have just rushed out a thoughtless movie without any thought and just slapped their name on it, but I was impressed with the quality. I especially loved the opening credits (of all things). I always rate movies on a scale of 1 to 10, and I give this one an 8.


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