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Israel at War!

This is not a news blog, but I guess today it is. I will be primarily using Al Jazeera's live updates page as my source, if you'd rather just follow that.

At 3:30 GMT, Israel was attacked when rockets started being launched by Gaza. Hamas claimed responsibility, saying they launched a military operation against Israel. They are calling it "Operation Al-Aqsa Flood", and saying that the attack was in response to the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In response, Israel launched its own counterattack they called "Operation Iron Swords".

There are alot of updates, and if you want to read them all just click the Al Jazeera link in the first line of this post. It links to the live updates. There's too much to summarize here. The important thing is this:

Israel has officially declared war on Hamas. The encouraging thing is that at the time of writing this post, multiple countries such as India, France, Germany, and the US have publicly shown support for Israel and condemned the actions of Hamas. So part of me doesn't believe this is the conflict that will lead to Jesus' return, because that talks about all nations coming against Israel, and at the moment they seem to be siding with Israel. But I felt it was worth posting about because it's still Israel at war. The name of this website is Fig Tree Reborn, and the Fig Tree is Israel. Either way, I feel its important we keep an eye on this situation. Final conflict or not, war is war, and it could always escalate. At the time of writing, the death toll is at over 300.


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