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King James VI of Scotland

Whenever someone wants to discredit the King James Version of the Bible, they usually say it was translated by an earthly king who wanted to make himself appear higher than anyone else. They say King James was out to glorify himself with his version.

This is a very ignorant statement to make.

King James was very educated, and often questioned the bishops of the Church of England. When he dared to say he had a personal relationship with God, they scolded him, saying that he’s not on the same level as God. There were already several English translations of the Bible, but all of them (the Geneva Bible, the Bishop’s Bible, etc) were corrupted and often had the translator’s opinions thrown in.

In 1604, James commissioned a new translation of the Bible. One that had no bias, but instead was based entirely on the original texts. In fact, if you take the Greek and Hebrew versions and do a literal translation of them for yourself, you’ll get something extremely close to the King James Version. As I’ve said before, other translations change the Word, and those don’t hold up when looked at the original languages.

People also like to point out all of James’ flaws to show his version must also be flawed. If you’re looking at any human, you’ll find a long list of imperfections. The only perfect person was and is Jesus Christ.


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