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Root of All Evil

My whole life I’ve heard it preached that “Money is the root of all evil”, so wanting money is a sin. Having money is a sin. Only the poor are righteous!

But the Bible does not say that. They have taken out a couple words out to change the meaning of the verse. Let’s look at the verse itself.

10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

See that? The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Greed. How many times have you been screwed over because of money? A phone company that charges for everything you do on your phone, a store charging you to use their plastic bags, ATM fees making you buy your own money, etc.

When I registered this domain, I paid $5 to for the domain itself, $16 to keep my information private, then $15 to WordPress to even connect it to my site. That’s $36 for a $5 domain. While I know that’s still pretty cheap (a friend of mine paid $25 just for his domain with a different site…..I highly recommend, that’s a bunch of extra charges.

Another, probably better, example is my phone. I dropped it and cracked the screen back in November. I wasn’t concerned because I had insurance on my phone. I’d just go to my carrier’s store and get it replaced. I’m not going to say the name of my carrier, but I will say it’s another word for “run”. I paid $150 for my phone, but even with insurance they wanted $280 to replace the phone. The guy at the “run” store was confused when I got frustrated and walked out. That phone company just wants my money. What's the point of having insurance for my phone when I have to pay almost twice what I paid for the phone itself just to get the screen replaced?

My point is that the world we live in is filled with examples of the LOVE of money being the root of all evil. I want more money than I’m currently getting because what I’m getting now only covers my bills, I can’t even afford food. I’m relying on food pantries.

I don’t want to be a millionaire, I just want enough to live comfortably without having to worry if I’m going to have my phone cut off next month, and also be able to put some away into savings. People keep telling me “You need to manage your money better”, but you need money to manage money. I’m always broke because of bills, debts from when I couldn’t pay bills, and overdraft fees from when I tried to pay those bills anyway.

You need money to live these days. It’s not evil to want or need money. It’s evil (read: a sin) to manipulate and hurt others in order to get money.


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