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The Ten Minute Bible Hour Podcast

This is basically me shouting out someone I am a fan of and recommend everyone check out because they cover Bible better than I ever could. Matt Whitman started The Ten Minute Bible Hour as a YouTube channel, which is where I found him initially and immediately became a fan of his style. I was so used to being super serious when discussing Bible, and here he is throwing in pop culture references and making the videos funny as well as educational and biblically accurate.

It reminds me of how Paul would adapt his message depending on his audience. When he addressed the Jews, he preached from a different angle than when he was addressing the gentiles, or even people of different regions. Basically a "know your audience" thing.

Likewise, not every preaching style is for everyone. You could have a pastor or Christian YouTuber you enjoy and try showing your friends and they find them boring or not understand what they're saying. Once I started watching Matt's pop culture comedy Bible YouTube channel years ago, I got so much more out of that than a bunch of older pastors or online personalioties.

Then he started a podcast, and...actually, I didn't listen to it at first. Each episode was less than ten minutes, and the podcasts I was listening to was over an hour each episode, so I decided to skip it. Now I wish I hadn't, because I recently started listening to it and now I am on episode 114 out of 1,075 episodes. Because the episodes are short, you go through them quickly.

I love the way he's doing this podcast. He started by covering the book of Matthew. But instead of jumping right in, he spent the first eight episodes laying the groundwork so we understand even better. Like, historical and cultural contexts, who was Matthew, the reason he wrote the book, etc. I'm on episode 114 and he's still in Matthew 5, so he's taking the time to cover every detail and doing a deeper deep dive than I've ever seen anyone else do. And he does it in a way that is not only educational, but also entertaining.

In fact, my post on the Origins of Baptism was inspired by this episode. So he's even directly influencing this site. In more ways than just that one post. Go read my earlier posts from ten years ago and then read my more recent posts after the relaunch a couple months ago. I used to try to keep them super serious, but now I've relaxed a bit. If you even remotely enjoy my site, you'll absolutely love his podcast. I have the link to the website on the Further Resources page on this website.


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