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Welcome to the new Fig Tree Reborn!

Well, hello there! This is most likely your first time even hearing about Fig Tree Reborn. But if you're one of the few people who read my blog when it was hosted on WordPress, you'll have noticed I kind of dropped off the face of the earth beginning of 2020. I just stopped posting. However, I've kept the name going through the Instagram account, occasionally sharing verse images.

Now I feel it's time to relaunch Fig Tree.

What's kind of funny about this is I actually decided this like a month or so ago, and have been building this website using Wix, and going through updating old posts and everything. I've been calling it a "relaunch" when I told my friends about it. I was already planning on doing it right now. What's funny about it is this past Sunday at church, my pastor said that this coming Sunday, my church is doing a "relaunch", to basically refocus the church and renew our focus and everything. It "just so happened" to coincide with when I was planning on relaunching this.

When I say "my church", I'm not talking about the one I was talking about before in my older posts. When I started Fig Tree in June 2014 I had just moved to Ohio from Texas in April 2014. In June 2021, I moved to San Francisco. So, obviously, I am attending a different church. As much as I praised my old church, I feel closer to my new one. Maybe someday I'll post the story of that church. My church in Ohio would say that "just so happen" moments were "God things". That's basically what happened with my church relaunching the same week I'm relaunching this site.

Anyway, I have so many plans for this site now. It's going to be more than just a blog, which is why it's one tab instead of each category being a separate tab. There are some things I won't be able to do for awhile, such as a Fig Tree podcast. I'm hoping to find a co-host for that one, because I don't want to do that alone. I already host two other podcasts, so maybe they'll handle editing and such because I barely have time for those two.

If you read my old site, you'll notice that the tone of this site is much different. When I started this site, I'd only just recently started calling myself a Christian, and I was trying to make the posts super serious. Reading through them while making this new site, I realised just now boring the posts were. I decided this time, I'll relax a bit in regard to posts and maybe try throwing some humour in . Heck, I literally have a post about humour in the Bible, yet I refused to have any on my own site. I tried throwing some in retroactively, but I didn't want to change old posts too much unless I no longer agreed with the post. There was a few of the older posts I ended up deleting, but those were mostly because they weren't important at all. Like, minor updates about why I wasn't posting and such from years ago. I didn't feel they belonged on the new site.

But yeah, I am looking forward to this new life for Fig Tree Reborn, and am excited for what possibilities lay ahead.

I just realised... Fig Tree Reborn has itself been reborn...


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